Here's what some of our clients are saying about us...


It is very rare that you find financial experts and practice consultants who understand anesthesia at the levels we require. Compass Anesthesia is just that.

It’s simple... We handle the clinical aspects of our practice; Compass handles everything related to the business of the practice. Anything and everything. Our practice couldn’t be in better hands.

Dr. Harold K. Adams


Compass Anesthesia provides in-depth research and analysis for our practice before every one of our monthly meetings. They deliver results on a wide range of business issues affecting the practice in a concise, easy-to-understand format. This helps us immensely to be more efficient and profitable.

Through their understanding of the market and everything that affects our practice, Compass has helped increase our revenues substantially – and decreased our expenses just the same.

Dr. Rajpaul Ganesh


Compass Anesthesia accompanies us for every meeting our practice has with a prospective facility. We wouldn’t have it any other way. While we physicians answer to the clinical aspects, Compass leadership answers to the business of it all. It’s a perfect combination – a very successful one – and with a high level of trust.

Dr. Betty Tobon-Randal