Anesthesia Practice Service Options

While the core of our business is successful management of your anesthesia practice’s accounts receivable, managing the complete business of anesthesia is where we really excel for you.

No two anesthesia practices are the same – from facility types and patients served, to specializations, to geography – so the needs and resources of practices can vary greatly. For this reason, Compass offers a multi-level service approach: Standard, Premium and Complete. Our service levels are established to accommodate the scope of any anesthesia practice.

And while the vital functions of your group are well-served within our Standard or Premium service levels, Complete Practice Management with Compass serving as your integrated partner offers the highest advantages.

With the Complete Practice Management service level, you have open access to our team comprising many disciplines; we introduce to your practice technology that makes sense; we unlock new personnel potential, and we deliver our proven financial and anesthesia expertise.