Ongoing Anesthesiology Practice Analysis & Review

With our Complete Practice Management agreement, Compass Anesthesia offers OnPAR™, Ongoing Practice Analysis and Review. Our staff is comprised of experts in several disciplines who identify and analyze issues critical to anesthesia groups, especially issues that may be unique to yours.

Year-round Practice Review — After addressing the key issues for your practice and establishing ideal plans of action, we continue to perform an extensive, yearlong review and examination (OnPAR™). We set up monthly “points of focus” to analyze and present executive reports to the practice’s governing board. Upon the completion of this twelve-month cycle, Compass Anesthesia will have examined the entire business of your practice, as well as addressed all pending risks to the practice, prioritization, scheduling and plans of action.

And it doesn’t stop there...

We Keep You Covered — Since OnPAR™ is a yearlong cycle, as each year progresses, the process begins anew. Risks and opportunities are constantly being monitored and acted upon on behalf of your group; we establish a business plan for the practice; we set up budgets and analyze variances monthly, quarterly and yearly; we establish communications plans to address and maintain productive facility relations, surgeon relations, patient relations, and even internal group relations. Every business aspect of your practice is covered, from billing to accounting... workforce to retirement... marketing to legal... with attention tailored to your needs.

With OnPAR™, your practice is assured that opportunities are not missed for growing and maintaining course in an ever-changing market. Your practice, and all things within, remains safely... on par.