The Compass Digital Advantage

Powered by Digital Reasoning

A Complete Continuum of Patient Documentation for Anesthesia
The specialty of anesthesia is confronted by unprecedented competition and enormous pressures as the traditional business model transitions from “pay for presence” to “pay for performance.” The ability to capture and analyze electronic data has become a professional imperative.

Compass-SI™ (powered by Digital Reasoning) means investing in and implementing an anesthesia EHR doesn’t have to be complex, cost-prohibitive or wreak havoc on your existing clinical process or workflows.

Compass-SI™ is a portable anesthesia EHR that can be used in any environment – from acute-care hospitals to ASCs. A powerful cloud-computing platform, Compass-SI™ replaces age-old, static paper documentation with live structured and dynamic electronic data through the use of iPad digital technology. More importantly, our platform has the flexibility to scale to meet your current and future needs.

  • Anesthesia Cloud Applications
  • Anesthesia Analytics
  • Anesthesia Record
  • Charge Capture
  • Pre-op Patient Portal

Data Analytics Drive Down the Cost of Healthcare
Compass-SI™ works with an embedded analytics module that automatically extracts clinical and efficiency-related data from your case records. Real-time access to information helps improve outcomes and operations, as well as comply with regulatory reporting requirements. Analytics incorporates dashboards and drill-down reports for a variety of clinical and administrative analyses. Managers can easily pinpoint areas of improvement and compare performance across facilities and providers by viewing increasingly granular data: from the health system level to individual outliers and cases of interest.

Customer results include:

  • Rapid and accurate workflow and turnover for cases
  • Two hours per day saved during pharmacy reconciliation
  • Improved revenue cycle management
  • Significant reduction in time from charge capture to claim submission
  • Easy review of cases for clinical and case management data